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Newspeak as Public TV Fades

One of KCTS laid off staff commented  “If (management) can’t spin it  ….create the impression of more public affairs coverage, who will give them money?”  The formerly UW sponsored Seattle public TV station KCTS-9 is laying off a lot of its staff. (Report by Joel Connelly at T[...]

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So…. after the Inquisition.  Jews Were Tested With Pork Sandwiches Jews who stayed in Christian countries after 1492, passed for goyem by taking goyische names, going to Mass and  crossing themselves whenever possible. Eating ham became a test since many of these perfidious yiddem would avoi[...]

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Paradise lost: Chinese Maoists in North Korea Mourn Mao

In North Korea, Chinese Maoists find the land of their dreams   AFTER a long drive up a narrow dirt track through hills east of Pyongyang, a North Korean tour bus dropped the Chinese tourists near a wooded graveyard. In front of it, on a concrete pedestal, stood a bronze bust of Mao Anying, the [&h[...]

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Building Africatown

Ms. Helen, Chicken and Waffles and Africatown, : Visions for the future Despite our friendship with Ave author (and former Garfield HS basketball star) Anthony Washington, the athletic heritage of Garfield seems doomed unless the school begins to emulate the UW and import black men who can jump .  [...]