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Minneapolis: Fire this bully cop!

Source: KMSP-TV, Minneapolis-St. Paul[...]

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WARNING: Police Are Violating Your Rights to Take Pictures

ALL PHOTOGRAPERS SHOULD KNOW THEIR  RIGHTS! The only reason we know about the police murder of Walter Scott is the courage of a bystander who videoed the events on a cell phone.  That man had the courage and wisdom to give the video not only to the police but to the press.  Those rights are prot[...]

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Ted Cruz doesn’t want courts to protect the rights of gay people

Campaigning in Iowa for the GOP presidential nomination, Texas Senator Ted Cruz “reiterated his vow to press for a constitutional amendment” empowering states “to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman,” and warned that if the U.S. Supreme Court “does leg[...]

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3 More Innocent Black Men Freed

Railroaded to prison, 3 black kids — just 17 and 18 when they were scooped up by Cleveland’s flawed and racist criminal justice system — walked out of prison as free men last month after serving nearly 20 years for a murder they didn’t commit. It took years of legal work to f[...]

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Tom Cotton: We Could Take Care Of Iran With ‘Several Days’ Of Bombing  [...]

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Davey Jones’ Log

I hope this letter finds you and your family well, I am fine, I should be in Shanghai for the second time sometime this night, and then early the next day we will leave for LA. We seem to be fixing all of the problems the yard caused and even getting the new automation to […][...]

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DISSING Seattle’s Art Taste

Over on FACEBOOK, I got into an argument with Jen Graves, a local art critic, about the work of Buster Simpson.   I know that  Mr. Simpson is successful in the “art world.”  That does not change my opinion or answer my question.  Rather it evokes references of “”The Empe[...]

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UPDATE: The Odor of Racism, Charleston South Carolina

SO .. when a cop pulls his gun and says stop, and you do not.  Can he just shoot you? Mayor who enacted the “tough law policies’ says “When you’re wrong, you’re wrong.” Mr. Summey was NOT referring to himself. I am sure the Mayor is referring to officer Slager but I am n[...]

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Amazing what some people tweet, knowing all the world will read it

(Click on image to enlarge)                     By the way, this guy is the South Carolina Republican Party’s former executive director, and he just got arrested for domestic violence. What is it about that state? Why does South Carolina have [...]

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BREAKING – Guilty verdicts in Boston Marathon bombing trial

A Boston jury has found Dzhokhar Tsarnaev guilty on all counts for his role in the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Now the jury must decide whether Tsarnaev gets life in prison or the death penalty. Anyone wanna take bets?                   &nbs[...]