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BUCHENWALD 69: The Enlarger

  Liberator or Visitor at Buchenwald? NOTE: This is a direct copy of the material posted by William Quick of his now defunct website: If you click on the header above, it will bring you to the full copy along with a marginal note from me. As always, comments a[...]

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Drillers push to develop Alaskan oil

The U.S. oil industry wants to drill in Alaska, and to justify this, they argue the shale oil will run out in a decade. (Click here for source.) They’re probably right on the latter point. The fracking bonanza almost certainly is temporary. Conventional oilfields, such as those in the Middle E[...]

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Indiana Republicans cut their own economic throats by legalizing discrimination against gays

The backlash has already started. Organizations from the NCAA to big companies are reassessing their relationships with the State of Indiana. This isn’t about sentimentality or corporations suddenly getting a conscience and caring about human rights. These are hard-headed business decisions. T[...]

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Spam CAN be funny!

This was found in TA’s spam filter. With someone like Iverson who has been such a fixture in the NBA for so long, that might be intimidating for Anthony, but he needs to stop making offcourt mistakes and convince his team to fight on defense what occurs is this, that your endometrium, which is[...]

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Is the Germanwings suicide crash a harbinger of Armageddon?

We now know that a mentally ill pilot murdered 149 innocent people this Tuesday. Investigators have learned he concealed his depression from his employer and coworkers. A doctor declared him unfit for work, and he had a sick note for the day of the crash, but he tore it up. It was found in his [&hel[...]

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UW Prof Shocked, Shocked the UW PR Guy Claims UW Can Not Pay $15 Minimum Wage

Rod Palmquist, AAUP Listserv: Speaking as a former union rep that has participated in years of higher ed bargaining at UW, WSU, Western, Central and Evergreen, I’m very surprised that an administrator as knowledgeable as Norm would make such a misleading statement: “You can’t go and change[...]

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Liberals and conservatives in WASTATE think this is a liberal state. Data like this, however, argue otherwise. It seems to me that the State and especially Seattle have effectively spread cosmetics over our problem by creating affluent, self satisfied mainstream communities while African Americans, [...]

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Aurora Ave: Where the Girls Are

SHOCKED, SHOCKED   Morel Raid on Aurora’s Orion Motel leads to arrests of managers of the motel, and charges of facilitating prostitution. drug activity and providing cover to pimps and drug dealers.  Seattle Times Is surprised.[...]

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Harry Reid Retires

Nevada Senate Race Blown Wide Open[...]