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Celebrating the Confederacy in South Carolina

Olde South Ball                    Saturday, March 21, 2015 I wonder if South Carolina’s Black Senator went?  Is the brownish governor invited?  Does the ball have servants to help the (white) ladies in their ball gowns?  Who helped them dress?  CLICK the image for more d[...]

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Why are (some) South Carolinians so batshit crazy?

She bestowed upon us a world-class rant that’s deranged even by Republican town hall standards. In case you missed it: This video has gone viral for two reasons: (1) How completely cuckoo this woman is, and (2) Santorum’s complete failure to rebut her off-the-crazy-meter ravings in any w[...]

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The Ave Challenge: Who is this?

A. Stephen Colbert in college B. Rand Paul in college C. David Cameron in college D. Brad Pitt in college E. Paul Allen in high school.[...]

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Happy Nowrooz

Zoroastrian Solstice Celebration In Iran, which today is a predominantly Muslim and Shiite country, the Muslims never succeeded in stamping out all the practices of the country’s ancient religion, Zoroastrianism. Witness to this is the Persian New Year Nowrooz, celebrated on March 21. This 13-day [...]

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Slur of the Day: MLK Day

Bluegum an offensive slur used by some United States white Southerners for an African-American perceived as being lazy and who refuses to work.[16][...]

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Democrats say the most reasonable things!


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FACEBOOK: Nuff said


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Inspired by Facebook

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FACEBOOK: Responding to stupid posts


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FACEBOOK: Correcting the BS