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BREAKING NEWS: Israel votes for war!

(Jerusalem Post) The Israeli elections took a dramatic turn in the early morning hours on Wednesday as official tallies from nearly all precincts indicate that Likud has opened up a significant lead over Zionist Union, a far cry from the virtual dead heat that television exit polls had reported Tues[...]

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PEACE IN ISRAEL: Miracle needed, Arabs and Jews Need to Form a Coalition


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Maricopa County injustice system reaps another black eye

When you mention law enforcement in Maricopa County, Arizona, most people think of Crazy Sheriff Joe Arpaio, infamous for his racism, far-right politics, and anti-Obama birther nuttery. But this case arose from the Phoenix Police Department, not Arpaio’s shop, before being mishandled by Maric[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: WAR and PEACE: Israel Election too close to call

Exit polls give  Netanyahu’s Likud and Herzog’s Zionist Union each 27 seats in the 120-member Knesset. HAARETZ offers a calculator that sows how difficult may be to create any ruling coalition, especially one that is devoted to peace. In any effort to create a ruling coalition,  two pa[...]

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BREAKING — GOP Hunk Resigns From Congress Amid Ethics Scandal

Illinois congressman Aaron Schock, a Republican accused of paying for his lavish lifestyle with campaign donations and taxpayer funds, will resign from Congress this month, CNN reported today. Schock is the second Republican to resign from Congress since last fall’s elections. In December, Rep[...]

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Before the Senate, Tom Cotton never held a job longer than a few months

“Moreover, we have to stand up to Iran’s attempts to drive for regional dominance. They already control Tehran …. ” — Sen. Tom Cotton Before getting elected Congressman, then Senator, by Arkansas voters (what were they thinking?), Tom Cotton — despite graduating from Har[...]

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Of Jews and Radical Republicans

In the context of the current debate over Netanyahu’s insulting speech before Congress,  it is important to note that there has been an ongoing effort by the radical right to turn Jews from our traditional support of liberalism by appealing to Israeli security. During the GW Bush “Glob[...]

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BUCHENWALD 67: A Camp Survivor Talks About The Need to Preserve The Stories

Perhaps watching this amazing interview will help my siblings understand WHY we need to release our father’s pictures from Buchenwald into the public domain. For a small flavor of why this should be important, read abut this rather plain statement from polticians in South Carolina” There[...]