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We all live in the same jungle


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FOXISM: O’Reilly


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Boehner complains of WH “attacks” against his Netanyahu coup d’etat

CBS News reports, “House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said the White House has ‘attacked’ him … [because] Boehner invited Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress to talk about the Iran nuclear negotiations … without consulting the White House …. [...]

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State Legislature Moves Cougar School of Medicine Forward!~

There are ONLY two reasons to support the WSU idea ..PORK and POLITICS. Despite that, Reuven Carlyle reports that the “House Appropriations Comm voted Friday to allow WSU to begin process of opening a medical school. I voted ‘no’ and here’s why: While I totally support their [...]

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Anniversary of Hitler’s Democratic Triumph

Hitler only got 1/3 of the vote ,,,about what the Tea Party controls here.[...]

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Freedom March in Moscow?


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THE Ave Challenge: Where was this woman born 32 years ago today?

A. Mexico B. Kenya C. New Jersey D. France E. Nigeria[...]

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South Carolina preserves Southern tradition

This is a tale of two plaques, old and new. The old plaque commemorates Greenwood, South Carolina’s fallen of World War I — segregated under “White” and “Colored” headings. The new plaque, bought with $15,000 raised by the town’s two American Legion posts &#[...]

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Presumably, all five of the conservative judges n the supreme court celebrated Mass today.[...]