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DAISH Justice


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Florida cops arrest 11-year-old girl for watching TV in her bedroom

Two Florida cops, responding to a burglar alarm, entered a home and found an 11-year-old girl laying on her bed watching TV. So what did they do? They threw her on the floor, pinned her down with a knee, and pointed a gun at her. Both of these cops have previously been disciplined. As you might [&h[...]

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And so it goes … another UW President rides off

  The Seattle Times Reports that Michael Young Has Been Offered The Presidency of Texas A&M The reason’s for Young’s leaving are not known. However, he had stated that A REASON FOR COMING HERE WAS THE HUGE LEVEL OF PRESTRIGE THE UW AS A RESERACH INSTITUTION. As the current legislatu[...]

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America, land of the stupid …

A Vermont 8th-grader suggests her state adopt a Latin motto, Stella quarta decima fulgeat, which means, “May the Fourteenth Star Shine Bright.” (Vermont was the 14th state to join the Union.) A local TV station airs a human-interest story about it. Here’s a sampling of the comments they[...]

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Texas school suspends 9-year-old for Hobbit ring

A Texas elementary school has suspended a 9-year-old boy for making “terroristic threats” because he brought a Hobbit ring to school and told a friend he could make him disappear with it. This is Aiden Steward’s third suspension in 6 months. He previously was suspended for (1) brin[...]

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Slur of the Day

Squarehead a Nordic person, esp. German. The slur refers to either the stereotyped shape of their heads, or to the shape of the Stalhelm M1916 steel helmet [4], or to its owner’s stubbornness (like a block of wood).[...]

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Report: UW Losing Michael Young To Texas A&M

U.W. President Michael Young is the sole finalist for the president’s job at Texas A&M, the Seattle Times reported this morning, citing the Texas Tribune, which cited unnamed sources. Texas A&M has planned a press conference for this afternoon to announce his selection. The TA&M j[...]

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Slur of the Day

Dago (UK and Commonwealth) refers to Italians, Spaniards, or Portuguese, possibly derived from the Spanish name, “Diego,”[57] or a corruption of the title Hidalgo (member of the Gentry, from Spanish > hijo de algo “son of someone [important]”). 2) (U.S.) An Italian or pers[...]

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Boobs vs. Guns

Come and Take It Texas, a group affiliated with the open carry movement, is complaining that topless protestors are ruining their monthly walks in support of gun rights. The topless counter-protestors carried signs that read, “You realize that everyone thinks you’re overcompensating for your tee[...]

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How Russians View Gorbachev

“Gorbachev’s rule ended up with the dissolution of the USSR, which is still considered by Russians as the 20th-century catastrophe,” said Aleksey Grazhdankin, deputy head of the Levada Center. Attitudes towards Yeltsin worsened following his 1992 reforms, which lead to inflation and the closur[...]