Movie Review: The Attack

A 2012 film about the experience of living in close quarters with one’s enemy. If there were any justice, this film would have gotten the buzz that American Sniper is getting. But we know there’s no justice, don’t we? [Insert cynical emoji here]

The focus of the story is Amin, an assimilated Palestinian surgeon living in Tel Aviv with his wife, Siham. When the body of a suicide bomber is identified as Siham’s, Amin is disbelieving. Eventually the evidence becomes undeniable, though, and after emerging from his grief, and shock, Amin retraces Siham’s footsteps into the world of the terrorists, trying to understand what led her onto such an unlikely path.

The Attack is not told from one side of the Palestine/Israel conflict. It is told from both. The Israelis speak their truth (You see? This is why we can never trust them!) the Palestinians theirs (All we want is our dignity. And our land!) . . . while all Amin wants to do is leave the hatred behind. But is such a thing possible in a world like his?

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