How to deal with Islamophobes.

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Today I stepped out of my comfort zone and stood out in a public space holding a box of donuts in front of signs that my husband Sebastian made. “Talk to a Muslim” “Free coffee and donuts” “Ask a Muslim” “Free conversation.”
Everyone who stopped to talk to us was so kind and sweet. “Thanks for doing this” was the most common comment and often followed by, “I’m sorry about what’s happening in our country right now. It makes me so sad.” One woman was on the verge of tears and wanted to know when we were coming back so she could bring a box of donuts for us to give out.
Funny things happened too. Some people just wanted the coffee but didn’t have a question and were relieved when they didn’t have to ask a question to get coffee. Lol. Others wanted to talk about their own religions and that was fun for us for sure.
One of the most heart warming moments was when a high school aged Muslim boy came over and said “I’m so glad you’re doing this! Can I take your picture!?”
We weren’t out there that long today but the take away was clear: Keep your heads held high, dear Muslim family. The world is a good and beautiful place with small pockets of hatred here and there. There is an overwhelming amount of love and so remember this post when you are faced with bigotry and hatred towards you or your faith. Remember that you have supporters too. When you are faced with difficulty, remember that ease is right around the corner. Remember that you are as American as apple pie. And I ask you now, since we did this in Cambridge right near the cafe where in Goodwill Hunting Matt Damon asks, “How bout them apples?” How about em?


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