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Ferguson town meeting erupts into brawl between cops and citizens

A Ferguson town meeting to discuss civilian oversight of the police turned rowdy Wednesday night after a woman confronted a police union official about his “I am Darren Wilson” wristband. The argument quickly escalated into a shoving match as citizens and cops waded in. The union officia[...]

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Cops kill 2 teen girls in 4 days

In two separate incidents, four days apart, police in C0lorado and Texas fatally shot 16- and 17-year-old girls this last week. Neither of the girls was innocent. One drove a stolen car into an officer, fracturing his leg; the other brandished a knife at a police station. The issue I want to discus[...]

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Fire this Seattle cop!

William Wingate, 70, likes to go for walks. He uses a golf club as a cane. On July 9, 2014, SPD Officer Cynthia Whitlach pulled over her squad car where Wingate was waiting at a crosswalk, got out, and ordered him to put down his golf club. He asked why, and she said, “Because it’s [&hel[...]

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South Carolina judge sets aside 1961 civil rights convictions

A South Carolina judge has righted a historic injustice by clearing the records of 9 black men convicted in 1961 of trespassing and breach of peace for sitting at a “whites only” lunch counter in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The men — a CORE organizer and 8 college students at the ti[...]

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What Comes After the Newspapers Are All Gone?

The Daily Beast reports that the Republican Governor of Indiana is launching his own, state funded news site!      official memo:  “Just IN will function as a news outlet in its own right for thousands of Hoosiers—transparent in functioning as a voice of the State of Indiana’s executi[...]

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SUPERBOWL COUNTDOWN: The Seahawks’ Secret Weapon


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A fascinating discussion of North Korea .. not just the architecture but oi totalitarian hyperbole.[...]

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SUPERBOWL COUNTDOWN: God Sponsors Superbowl Ad

I am God and I Approve of this Ad! REPOST FROM 2014: It is time that you stop praying to Me for your team to win. American Atheists has launched an anti-prayer billboard directly across from the Super Bowl stadium. But the American Atheists aren’t the first ones to use the Super Bowl to promo[...]