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FBI investigates suspected lynching in North Carolina

The local police and coroner in the small town with a boarded-up KKK meeting hall quickly labeled a 17-year-old black youth’s strange death a suicide, and made no effort to investigate the possibility of foul play. First the NAACP stepped in, and now the FBI has opened an investigation. He had[...]

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Radical Republicans .. another Repugnant Reprican

This makes no sense. Unless the doctor really was looking for an excuse to hang it. VA Wingnut Hangs Nazi Flag To Protest Obama’s Immigration Action (VIDEO) Dr. William Wheeler, a viciously anti-Obama Norfolk resident, decided to shock and offend his neighbors by hanging a Nazi flag because th[...]

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SCOTUS scuttling of Obamacare would hurt Romney supporters

“The kind of people who were more likely to vote for Mitt Romney … in the 2012 election [are] … the same kind of people who would be most likely to lose their Obamacare health insurance if a looming Supreme Court case goes against the president, according to a new analysis. “[...]

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Davos speaker lectures us against jailing bankers

“As another World Economic Forum comes to a climax, global leaders remain at odds over the role of financial regulation, and whether the industry has learned from the mistakes of the past. “In a CNBC hosted seminar on the last day of the Davos event, Katherine Garrett-Cox, the CEO of in[...]

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Would you pay $43 for this hotdog?

The Davos hosts want you to refuse their expensive hospitality. They want you to leave. This junket isn’t meant for you. It isn’t just about the Swiss gouging the rich and powerful people attending a high-profile economic summit at Davos, Switzerland, this week although that’s part[...]

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A Jewish Restaurant in Harlem

From Ethiopia to Israel to Harlem: Q&A with Beejhy Barhany, Owner of Tsion Cafe  Hasabie Kidanu  Tadias Magazine January 21st, 2015 in Featured and Profiles. 0 Comments Beejhy Barhany. (Courtesy photo)     New York (TADIAS) – In the historic neighborhood of Sugar Hill, Harlem we c[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Question about Jesus on Facebook:

Tara Pedriana  I’m sure this has been discussed before, but I’m looking for solid evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ. Is there any? I’ve been told yes, even by atheists, but I’m wondering what these sources are? “Solid” no. The only strong evidence is the[...]

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A Rational Response to the War With Islam

Dissent Magazine has a wonderful effort by its former editor, Michael Walzer, to define a rational basis for liberals to responds to Islamic extremism. There is too much in the essay to quote piecemeal.   The best I can do on TA is offer the summary and a link. “As I’ve already acknowledge[...]