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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    This is war. That’s how it’s seen by the Muslim extremists waging violent jihad against Western values, institutions, and lifestyles. Unfortunately, many Westerners will blame Muslims in general, including the vast majority who live peacefully and want no part of this jihad. One wonders whether the religion will be able to survive the stigma this is creating.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Sorry but we need to end PC. No one but the nits would blame your neighborhood falafel merchant or the lady who just one a Nobel prize in Pakistan. BUT .. the system, the culture is a different matter.
    Islam IS a fucking mess right now. No Muslim country has taken up the leadership in opposing this .. anymore than any Christian country condemned America’s Jim Crow or Mussolini’s imperialism.
    So I say FUCK PC. Islam is a mess and Muslims need to take responsibility or denounce their messed up religion.
    I am sure their are Sufi Imans who could help.