Richard Mack wants to be your sheriff

If you live in Navajo County, Arizona, Richard Mack wants to be your sheriff.

But he also wants more. A couple weeks ago, at a Few Dozen Gun Nuts Rally in Olympia, Washington, Mack announced his intention of turning Navajo County into a libertarian paradise. To help make this happen, he urged his followers to move with their families to Navajo County. To vote for him, of course, and help him enjoy the liberties he pledges to institute there. Such as free grazing on federal lands, pointing guns at BLM law enforcement officers, and using women and children as human shields.

Before he can do that, though, he’ll have to take it from the Native Americans. About two-thirds of Navajo County is reservation land (and about half its population is Native American). I suspect he hasn’t asked them if they’re willing to give it up. He’ll figure that out after arriving there and scouting the terrain. (Hint: Grab the high ground first! He’s gonna need it.)

Figure 1: Richard Mack posing with cop killer Jerad Miller in Las Vegas

Figure 2: Artist’s concept of Richard Mack and Cliven Bundy staking claim to federal land in Navajo County, Arizona


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