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Internet dangers in America’s changing job market

A new study by two economists presented to the recent Jackson Hole annual economic conference, and reported by The Economist, paints an interesting portrait of the evolving U.S. job market. At that conference, Janet Yellen, the current Federal Reserve chair, and Mario Draghi, her European Central Ba[...]

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New York’s ‘orthodox’ rabbis oppose proposed law requiring parental consent for ‘child circumcision Submitted by Jamie Williamsonon Tue, 09/04/2012 – 07:44 Ultra-Orthodox rabbis in New York have claimed that if a proposed law requiring parental consent for a circumcision ritual, which [...]

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What? No Workers? Employers Can’t Hire? How Did That Happen?

I regularly read Barron’s magazine, despite its conservative editorial slant (eye roll), because of its in-depth reporting on markets and investing. This week’s cover story asks where have all the workers gone. I’ll explain momentarily, but first a little background. If you follow [...]