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The Seattle Times ‘Death Tax’ Flap

Ever since the Seattle Times ran an editorial last Thursday (Aug. 14) asserting that “an Issaquah case ought to remind us that the estate tax imposes a burden on families and a subtle cost on societal stability,” journalist/blogger David Goldstein has relentlessly been taking it apart on[...]

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THE Ave Challnge: What is this?

A. Soviet era monument for furniture builders B. Reception towers for positrons C. Base for China’s new solar reflector D. Serbian war memorial E. Stalled freeway in Nigeria[...]

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Banana drama: Why we must save this most fantastic, comical – and endangered – of fruit  Scientists have warned that the world’s supply of bananas is threatened by bugs and infections. But where could Carmen Miranda, David Miliband, and The Jungle Book’s King Louis be without th[...]