South Carolina fails to make it in the top ten of racist states.

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I was surprised not to see South Carolina, proud home of the confederacy and the state where a confederate general (enactor) walks around in costume with his own slaves after being appointed President of a State college.

Good ol SC only made number 15!

15 South Carolina

I work in a public school system in SC that is very racist and unfair to black people who are qualified for the positions. It’s an unwritten rule to hire just enough black people to cover a minority law that they’ve been sued for in the past. I’ve been here almost all my life and am so ready to leave; however, I can’t say it’s the most racist state because it’s the only place I’ve lived besides Charlotte NC which was an awesome experience with the nicest people irregardless of color. Many whites in SC expect less from black people and when they see that you make more money or have better morals, they become intimidated and a bit envious. Snakes are what I call these types! The others are very nice in your face, but they are just as evil behind your back. I don’t allow them to get very close not only because they are white but because some …See More
+6This state should rank in the top 5 for racism because it’s filled with uneducated, ignorant people who discriminate against each other at all costs! If you are black, white people discriminate, if you are white, blacks discriminate, if you are not racist and stick up for someone being discriminated against, both blacks and whites will discriminate against you! This was the first state to succeed from the union and it’s citizens sport the confederate flag like it’s the latest fashion. I lived here only two years after being born and raised in the Midwest and I have to say, I have never witnessed and experienced so much hate, stupidity and hypocrisy in my entire life. I’m relieved I no longer have to deal with the people there who had issues with me for not being racist and refusing to compromise my values for their skewed version of how …See More
I have lived here for almost two years. I moved from the Midwest to here. I feel like I went back 40 years in time living here. The have the worst education system in the U.S. my daughter was ahead when we moved here, and she is now bored in all of her classes. The education system is set up so blacks can stay behind in education. They place the majority of white children in higher level classes and the black children in regular or lower level classes. I am relocating as soon as I can find a job in another state.

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