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(based on a report from Huff Post) By 8 to 5, workers at a Subway location in Bloomsbury, N.J., on Friday voted in favor of joining the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. One (pro union) worker said: “I am very relieved the election is over and very proud of my co-workers for hangin[...]

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The Napoleon Syndrome

 There is a drug for paranoid schizophrenia! One of the most amazing experiences of medical school was actually meeting schizophrenics.  Reading about schizophrenia had not been enough to convince me that these people really had a special illness.   After all, there seems to be enough variation [...]

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The Ordeal of Climbing Mt. Runyon, LA

RUNYON: Just Above Sunset – DAY 4 – watch more funny videos[...]

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The Microsoft Layoffs

In 1995 Bill Gates wrote, “The Internet is a tidal wave. It changes the rules.”  That memo was all too correct. The consequences of Steve Balmer’s failure to rise to the challenge are now in the hopefully agile hands of  CEO Satya Nadella.   Nadella was expected to lay off five or six t[...]