SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Is this in bad taste?


I have a prejudice.

I had no prejudice against Mr. Romney’s religion.  His candidacy seemed to me to have little to do with the traditions and beliefs he acquired from his Church.

I do have a prejudice against the religion itself.

I resent any religion that claims to be able to change MY heritage.

Christianity started this evil practice by rewriting MY Torah and declaring that their Jesus had declared MY God obsolete.

We Jews and our God were only their first victims.  Zeus, Thor, and Raven got even worse treatment and their followers were forced to convert or die.  Jesus may love man but apparently he hates other deities.

The Muslims learned their ways from the Christians.

The Mormons took all this one step further. For them, not only is MY God obsolete … they claim to be able to convert MY ancestors as well!

So, with apologies if this offends Mormons, I commend readers of The AVE to this site.

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