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McCleary Report Due in Two Weeks

How in hell is the state legislature going to explain to the Washington State Supreme Court that we still are not fully funding public education as required under the Washington State Constitution?   READMORE at Publicola.[...]

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 The New York Times reports that  Kathleen Sebelius   may be running for Senate  from Kansas! Former Secretary Sebelius is seen as  someone who could challenge Kansas’ current Republican Senator Pat Roberts,  who at 77 is running for a fourth term.  Sibelius may have a special motiva[...]

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Americans think marijuana poses less threat than alcohol or tobacco

Washington, Jan 8 – A new survey suggests that Americans do not consider marijuana as dangerous as other legal substances like alcohol and tobacco. The do not consider it as wicked as other illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine, CNN reported. That’s one reason why a CNN/ORC International[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Armed Russian Tourists Invade Ukraine

“Russian Spring,” the  website. (from the Daily Beast) Adventure seekers who dream about reviving the U.S.S.R. can go online to familiarize themselves with the slogan, “Leave for the front! Glory to Russia!” along with rules of behavior for a Russian tourist who wishes to get to “the ter[...]

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Why my wife will not eat beans (or rice, or corn) during Pesach

Why Kitniyot Passover Fight Is Literally Full of Beans A take-off from an essay in The Forward. For those who read THE Ave, or just know me, I am (on my father’s side) a Sephard … a descendent of the Jews expelled from Spain by Ferdinand and Isabella.  My wife, however is a Rush …[...]

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Canada Cancels All Home Delivery of Mail

Don’t send Aunt Betty up in Quebec anything by mail next Christmas.  By the time she gets around to picking up your fruit cake, it may be mid January. Canada Post is cancelling home delivery of mail!  Of course this is happening in a country where blizzards are common  and the friendly gove[...]

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How does WGU teach the nurses to give an online sitz bath?


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Saudi Arabia: government deals with witches and jinns.

KSA facing increased cases of witchcraft  “Preachers who earn their living by exorcizing spirits should charge affordable fees.” The Saudi government news agency reports that witchcraft is rampant in the Western Province. Makkah and Madinah have recorded the highest number of cases, sources hav[...]