SUNDAY REVELATIONS: God Spews: What am I to Do?

Why do you have so much trouble understanding Me?

I am what am.

I am not good nor bad any more than gravity or evolution are good or bad,

I am all, I am truth.

The costs of denial of Me are what you call My wrath …

White racists denied My truth, and I killed thousands of people.

Lenin denied truths of agriculture, and I caused his people to starve.

Africans denied the prohibition of eating other primates, and I brought humankind HIV.

And now many of you deny your role in global warming,

What am I to do?

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  1. Satan #

    Dear G-d,

    I know that it’s really you because your omniscient and you would therefore understand that it’s a felony to pretend to be someone else on the Internet.

    I’ve given it a lot of thought, and here’s why I think we have so much trouble understanding you.

    You can’t spell worth shit. Your grammar sucks. You couldn’t punctuate yourself out of a wet paper sack. Plus you simply don’t make any sense.

    See you soon,


  2. theaveeditor #


    Your spell the word God, G-d, as if it were a name.
    That is a Jewish tradition, yet Satan is a Christian concept sing Judaism is monotheistic.

    So who might this troll be?

    A Christian poseur? But in Christianity, the last thing a mere angel would want is to meet his maker, since the Lord ALWAYS wins.

    The real Satan? But why would Satan spell God with a hyphen.

    Maybe a Christian pretending to be a Jew? Sort like a gay guy dressing in payes and tzetzes to make fun of the cheredim?

    Of course, God knows so maybe we need to wait for His next message,