CHINA: Leaks from the State Censors

The following  instructions, issued to the media by Chinese government authorities, have been leaked and distributed online. 

State Council Information Office: Immediately remove the following from all websites: (1) information related to “supporting and rescuing Tang Jitian and other missing lawyers”; (2) video, text, etc. that advocates the short sci-fi film about Hong Kongers “saving themselves” titled Hong Kong Will Be Destroyed in 33 Years.

国信办:全网立即查删1,“声援、营救唐吉田等失踪律师”的相关信息, 2,鼓吹港人“自救”的科幻短片“香港将于33年后毁灭”相关视频、文字等。

Central Department: Media covering Michelle [Obama]‘s visit to China must not play up the menu at her “family feast,” clearing the Great Wall for her, the uniforms worn by Beijing secondary school students [during her visit to their school], etc. (March 25, 2014)


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