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Message From Outer Space

Dear Earthlings, Your fellow humans will be returned to you after we lobotomize them and implant new brain chips. Unfortunately, their aircraft didn’t survive the trip through the wormhole, so you won’t be getting it back. Signed, The Aliens Author’s Note:  The characters and even[...]

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Legal Thuggery in South Carolina

Attorney who extorted $1 million from clients gets 63 months in prison, Claims Bad Heart as Defense This horrific story of attorney abuse is all too typical of the real world where attorneys get away with thuggery by making threats. How many of you have received threats from an attorney claiming th[...]

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How Does A Company Based on a Virtual Coin Go Bankrupt?

(Reuters) – Mt. Gox, once the world’s biggest bitcoin exchange, filed for bankruptcy protection in Japan on Friday, saying it may have lost nearly half a billion dollars worth of the virtual coins due to hacking into its faulty computer system. It might be time to go to different provide[...]

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Letter from South Carolina

 This letter serves as formal notification that we wish you to immediately cease all writing on your blog about either of us or about the State of South Carolina where we reside. The tone and frequency of your communications are intolerable and we consider them to be harassment. We have previously [...]

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Endorsement for Chair of UW Faculty Senate: Mark Haselkorn

I would like to urge the election of Mark Hazelkorn as the new Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate.  If elected, Mark will serve in 2015 as the Chair of the Senate. This endorsement does not come lightly.  As readers of the Ave know I have been critical of the Faculty Senate and feel strongly [&helli[...]

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DIC … the D is for diabetes and the industrial complex.

The Diabetes-Industrial Complex As with the companies that profit from the “military industrial complex,” companies like  Novo Nordisk,  Amylin Pharmaceuticals,  Eli Lilly and  Johnson & Johnson com are only the biggest and most visible parts of the vast “diabetes ind[...]