SOUTH CAROLINA: Defending Reagan

St ReaganHow Do Rational Folks Live in South Carolina?

Why do folks want to live in a state that thinks everyone in a bar should carry a concealed gun and Ronnie Reagan was a liberal?

Anna Chapman, a sophomore  student at the University of South Carolina was SHOCKED, SHOCKED when she read about Ronald Reagan in her social work textbook.

Chapman pointed to the passage that said,

“He viewed American males as rugged individuals who could accomplish almost anything if they tried,” said Chapman, reading from the book “Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare: Critical Thinking Perspectives” by Karen K. Kirst-Ashman. “Similarly, he ascribed to women primarily domestic functions and failed to appoint many women to significant positions of power during his presidency.”

“This book is not fact, it is not fact and what it said about Reagan, implying that he was a sexist without enough evidence to back it up, I mean…” said Chapman.  The student was even more upset about the picture of the two parties,  She said the text says that conservatives ” view people as lazy, and incapable of true charity,” vs. “Liberals ….. tend to believe people are born with infinite possibilities for being shaped for the good.”

“It personally offended me because I’ve grown up in a middle class, conservative family that gives more than they have and does everything they can to help people in need who reach out to them,” said Chapman. “To me this is just as bad as something that is racist or sexist, because it’s demonizing a specific group of people just because they have a certain belief.”

Chapman is hoping they’ll take the book out of the curriculum and that whoever selects the textbooks from now on will take a closer look.

“This wasn’t even a political science class, this was a class about social work,” said Chapman. “It worries me that people are teaching this book to kids and people aren’t even questioning it. If I didn’t keep up with politics, I wouldn’t question it.”

Chapman adds that she’s in the second part of her social work classes now and her current textbook has similar themes. says she has not had any issues with any of her other classes and doesn’t want her textbook concern to be a reflection on the University as a whole.

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