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May the Schwartz Be With You …

The Ancestors of the Schwartz Family Were Black People! Years ago, my grandmother, Bubbie Perlmutter, told me that our family name was not “Schwartz” but “Negri.”  This Latin name made some sense since I had grown up being told that we were immigrants from a group of Jews w[...]

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Amazon 2: No Unions Here

Amazon hates unions. Each of the above are really symptoms of one larger problem. Amazon executives categorically oppose the idea of warehouse workers organizing because they fear that unions would slow the speedy deliveries that have become the staple of the Amazon shopping experience. From The New[...]

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TA Predicts Broncos lose 43 to 8. CBS gives the edge to the Hawks 24 to 21.

A week ago, THE Ave’s Hippolyta predicted that Denver will lose the Superbowl 43 to  8.  We used highly advanced mathematical tools that probably are not available to others. Now CBS’s  Predictalator ran a simulation of Sunday’s Super Bowl 50,000 times, and found that the most like[...]

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  NO TAXES! The NFL is not for profit! With a  commissioner Roger Goodell  paid $29.5 million to run the organization, the NFL gave away went to the NFL Hall of Fame!  That is “charitable donations” of $2.3 million out of $255 million in 2012. Richard Friedman  reports that [...]

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The Pot Ads Arrive