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CHINA: What the wealthy eat

From the Gobal Post: At a restaurant in Burma, a Chinese waitress points to  three creatures, balled up  in metal cages on the pavement. She describes the balled up animals  as “pangolin” ..a delicacy only the wealthy can afford. According to the International Union for Conservation o[...]

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How Is It That Lawyers Are Never Charged With Perjury?

More than one corporate lawyer I know has told me that they appear in court and take stands that they know are based on false facts. One such attorney told me that she represented the tobacco companies and knowingly lied to the court about facts.  I have also had similar conversations with divorce [...]

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SOUTH CAROLINA: THE Ave may win an assault rifle!


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WISCONSIN: Can Republicans Govern?

Scott Walker’s Impressive Record in Wisconsin Keep an open mind! The state of Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is falling and Governor Scott Walker ended the year with a $912 million state surplus.  Now Walker is proposing tax cuts to spend the surplus. Of course Walker is being lauded by  t[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Boy Baby vs Girl Baby ? Ok by Kashrut!

Jerusalem – Halachic Ruling: Orthodox Couples Can Now Engage In Gender Selection Of Their Fetus   Jerusalem – A radical halachic ruling to be announced at a conference tomorrow at the Puah Institute – an organization which helps couples… Read More »[...]

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Lego Creates Anti Islam Toy

Lego’s Tribute to The Caliphate Austria’s Turkish community has threatened to sue Lego because it thinks the firm’s “Star Wars: Jabba’s Palace” box set might teach children to associate Islam with violence and terrorism. One of the buildings is a “one-to-one copy” of the Hagia So[...]