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THE Ave Scene: Candidate for Chair of State Dems Campaigns

A hard question for state chair candidates Here’s what he wrote: Hi Don, Thank you for the question.  How we ensure that our  elected officials fulfill the promises they make by running as a  Democrat is a major issue we now face. The state party should help to  build the local party organ[...]

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Post from the DPRK opened by a third party en route ! We  recently received a package of calendars from some excellent friends in  the DPRK but when they have arrived the package had been opened and  placed in a plastic bag allegedly by the post office , of course it is  paranoid to blame  [&he[...]

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North Korea, The Videogame

CLICKME to play[...]

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MICROSOFT New and improved?

Windows 8 tablets to surge in 2014, analyst predicts Analyst at Aberdeen Group, Andrew Borg said that tablet in the enterprise is Microsoft’s to lose. According to PC World, highly anticipated turnaround in technology is Windows-8 tablets surging to lead the pack in BYOD tablet deployments, wh[...]

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Cats are amazing!

Click for an amazing video![...]

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PRESIDENT ROMNEY: Sarah Palin’s amazing success as ambassador to Russia

Paul Hellyer, who used to be Canada’s defense minister,  has met with Ambassador Sarah Palin to discuss his ideas about mutual disarmament btween Russia, China and the USA. Ms. Palin, having recently emerged as a hunting buddy with President Putin, has begun to take a prominent role on hostin[...]

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TANewservice Massively Parallel Prediction: Seahawks beat San Fran by 1 TD,

TA has been given access to AMAZON’s still secret version of IBM’s Jeopardy Computer, called Hippolyta after the queen of the Amazonians.  Hippolyta has taken a “prior” approach to sorts predicting, using data about the sponsoring town and then combining that with a bias fre[...]