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CHINA: On the moon

Moon rover, lander wake after lunar night  • China’s moon rover “Yutu” and the Chang’e-3 lander have just “woken up” after a period of dormancy.  • It has started its rove around the moon surface and scientific missions.  • During the lunar night, the l[...]

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Demonizing The Prez … ads from the Blog Sound Politics

 SoundPolitics seems to be dying but the ads keep coming! Support Obama? Do You Disapprove of Obama’s Job Performance? Vote Now! Asian Women for Marriage Meet Real Asian Women for love, Up to 25% off Now on New Year 2014 See Obama’s Mortgage Plan ww[...]

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Franklin vs Mao: The currency war

  Renminbi use rising fast in home of greenback US corporations switch to using RMB to pay for China trade[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: The #7 Best Run City Better Win The Superbowl!

Seattle was also the only city above 500,000 population on the list.  Heck, the list did not even include Boeing on the stars of our local economy or mention the awesome seafood here! Also we are the only city on the list in the NFL playoffs and will host the San Fran team for the […][...]

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THE Ave Challenge: What is it?

  a. ice balls during last winter’s cold in Lake Michigan b. penguin eggs in Antarctica c. ancient wall revealed as Siberian lake recedes d. wall used by Herod in his salt industry e. Roman beach near Glasgow[...]

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How UW Faculty Should Deal With the UW’s Lawyers.

  THE UW EMPLOYS A HUNDRED OR MORE LAWYERS WHO CLAIM NOT TO BE BOUND BY THE RULES OF THE BAR TA’s resident attorney and cabbage eating rabbit, claims that I am wrong about this.  He says attorneys, even when appearing in other roles, remains attorneys under the ethical rules of the Bar.  Wi[...]

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THE Ave Scene: Plagiarism in Seattle’s Own Fundamentalist Church?

Will Christian Publishers Stand Behind Mars Hill’s Sketchy Legacy? By Becky Garrison at Religion Digest Update 12/30/31: NavPress just issued the following statement via e-mail. “We have chosen to respond to Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church directly and will keep the conversation pri[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Shariah laws send chill among Christian community

Libya moves towards God’s Law  Libya’s new constitution will be based on Shariah law.  This decision, so much like the principle view of the radical American tight or Israel’s cheredim, has caused panic among the Libyan’s remaining Christian community.  [...]