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From the AAUP: What Makes Israel Different?

Paul Burstein: I have to admit I don’t understand why      South Africa is always brought up as an analogy.  The issue there      was having residents of the country defined by race and treated      entirely differently as a result.  But residents (and citizens) of      I[...]

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TA Awards Medal for Academic Arrogance

    Professor Herman Knowsitall Commemorative Medal for Academic Arrogance   THE Ave Committee on Academic Awards* has awarded its first Knowsitall Award to  the American Studies Association for their position paper in support of the boycott of Israel’s Universities.  The document is[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: racism remains in Japan

The excuse of Japanese imperialism in WII was that Japan was (just) acting like a European power. But European Imperialism was about one thing .. race!  Japan prime minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Japan’s war shrine shows that Japanese racism is still there.  Shinzo Abe’s public [...]