UW Entrance Exam

(from 1908)

Ancient History

(Choose any eight of the following)

  1. Describe an Egyptian temple.
  2. Compare the early history of Babylonia with that of Egypt.
  3. What is an oligarchy?
  4. What did Solon do for Athens?
  5. Describe slavery in Athens.
  6. What causes contributed to Alexander’s victories?
  7. What was the tribune in early Rome?
  8. What was the Roman phalanx?
  9. What did Caesar do for Rome?
  10. What was the praetorian guard?

Mediaeval and Modern History

(Choose any eight of the following)

  1. Compare the empire of Otto I with that of Charlemagne.
  2. Would the Pope have acquired temporal power if Rome had continued to be the residence of an Emperor?
  3. Who were the Minnesingers?
  4. What were the guilds?
  5. What is meant by the Hundred Years’ War?
  6. Describe the Battle of Crecy.
  7. Who was Richelieu?
  8. What was the Holy Alliance?
  9. What caused the Crimean war?
  10. Give some of the results of the war between Russia and Japan in 1904-1905.

English History

(Choose any eight of the following)

  1. How did Pope Gregory become interested in the conversion of England?
  2. Why did William I curtail the power of his barons?
  3. What were the early forest laws?
  4. What was “mortmain” (a dead hand) in early English history?
  5. Why was King Henry VIII popular?
  6. How did England meet Spain’s Invincible Armada?
  7. Name the Stuart kings of England?
  8. What was Robert Walpole’s greatest contribution to English history?
  9. What was the pocket-borough system?
  10. How did Queen Victoria also become Empress of India?

American History

(Choose any eight of the following)

  1. Name the great drainage systems of the United States.
  2. What European countries had colonies in North America in 1750?
  3. What were the limits of the United States in 1783; in 1804; in 1820?
  4. What were the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions?
  5. What was nullification?
  6. What was secession?
  7. Give dates of the beginning and ending of the war between the states.
  8. What was the fifteenth amendment to the Constitution?
  9. What was the Trent Affair?
  10. How was the Hayes-Tilden election contest settled?

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