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BREAKING NEWS: Why the security alarm closed our embassies?

Al Qaeda intercept is just one piece of threat intelligence: U.S. sources WASHINGTON – Intercepted communication between al Qaeda leaders was one component of a broader pool of intelligence that prompted a threat alert closing numerous U.S. embassies in the Middle East and Africa, U.S. sources[...]

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Jeff Bezos in wierd graphic on Huff Post


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The Washington Post Reports That It has Been Sold to Amazon’s Founder, Jeff Bezos! Bezos, is buying the Post and its affiliated publications for $250 million in cash. Amazon will have no role in the purchase. Bezos, all of a sudden, is gong to become a voice competitive with Rupert Murdock! Th[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Move to Peace in Israel and Palestine?

Report: Palestinians claim Kerry vowed to reject Israeli bid for interim deal Palestinians double down on borders, prisoners; official warns no talks without prisoner release.[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Radiation leak emegency in Japan

An official at Japan’s nuclear watchdog told Reuters on Monday radioactive water seeping from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant into the sea constitutes an “emergency,” an assessment far more extreme than previously stated. “Right now, we have an emergency,” head of [...]

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Detroit: Who Gets the Haircut?

Detroit bankruptcy tests state pension protections The big question … will the courts order Detroit to renege on its promises to retirees, its bondholders or the citizens who need services?[...]