BOEING: Time to drop the name “Dreamliner”

787 vs the buzzard

Rajasthan launches scheme to save the

endangered Great Indian Bustard

This weekend I talked with one of the executives who developed Boeing’s Drealmner. He impressed me with all the efforts Boeing had gone to make the 787 a pleasant pane to fly in opposed to the cattle cars we all fly in today.

Sadly, I remain unimpressed with the amenities.  Bigger windows and colored LDL lighting and more air pressure are nice, but I know that the seats will be crowded, the food horrible and this will still be a cattle car, not a “Dreamliner.”.

I would rather look at the 787 form the ground.  I am more taken by the beauty of the external design .. swoopy wings and pointy nose.  Beautiful … just like the Great Indian Bustard!

So, next time I see one of these Boeing Birds,  will imagine I am watching a Boeing Bustard.

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