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The Undead Politician

Reid “Republicans Have Truly Lost Their Minds” On Health Care (TPM) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) on Wednesday excoriated House Republicans for a scheduled vote Thursday to repeal Obamacare — their 37th vote to wipe out or dismantle the health care law. “Albert Ein[...]

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AMAZON .. solving the recession by issueing its own money!

Jeff Bezos is mproud that Amazon reinvests its ocnome rather than distributing it a dividends.  The problem with that approach is that someday Amazon will run out of useful reinvestments, after all how big can the online sales monopoly get?  The real truth is that there is only so much money in th[...]

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The Female Way of Aggression

The Thinking Housewife: Why Immodest Dress is a Form of Aggression   IN the post on Valerie Trierweiler, the live-in girlfriend of French president François Hollande, I referred to the outfit she wore to his swearing in — a dress that allowed full view of her upper thigh — as a form of [...]