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Apple on offense over $100B offshore stash 8 hrs ago – Apple is under so much pressure in Washington over its offshore cash that it’s doing things it almost never does. CEO Tim Cook is coming to Washington to testify in front of a panel of senators about stashing more than $100 billion overs[...]

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George Stam Finds The First Civilized Humans

UW PROF FINDS THE MINOANS Archaeologists found the remains of farmers living in Crete by around 9,000 years ago.  The civilization these people created, Minos, was among the the worlds first “high” civilization.  Legends of Minos formed the basis for early Greek myths .. from the Minot[...]

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Given how bad MS has been at marketing the Surface …here is Tom Cox chance to ressurrect Steve Jobs: iPAD PRO with Airboard The PRO is a a version of the iPAD that can act as an iPAD or as a touch screen for the new Airboard. The Airboard is a keyboard, a screenless Mac  […][...]