Is the UW Exempt from Miranda Rights?

Even Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was read his Miranda rights … not so Andrew Aprikyan.  This UW faculty member was tried and convicted of criminal activities without even being  told of his rights.   The President of the University, a man selected for his job based on qualifications to manage  the athletic teams, unilaterally decided the issue of guilt .. overriding a prestigious faculty panel. 

Now the federal government has chimed in with a finding that Dr. Aprikyan was guilty.  Dr. Aprikyan’s innocence or guilt is not the issue.  The issue should be the gross violations of due process and the substitution of President Mark Emmert’s dubious judgement for the opinions of a legally constituted and highly qualified faculty panel.

I do not just blame our departed president .. I blame the UW faculty and the AAUP for their complicity.  We are the enemy for allowing this to happen.
THE Ave has long urged  the AAUP to take the simple action of hiring an attorney (or getting colleagues from the law school to volunteer effort) to write a pamphlet that clearly states faculty rights under the Code as well under US and WA law.

Common criminals are treated much better than Andrew was.

A faculty member called up before the administration is not even told of her or his  rights .. there is no “Miranda” rule.  Lawyers working for the UW claim to be exempt from the ethical rules of the Washington State Bar.  Star chambers run by administrators rather than faculty councils decide issues.  Faculty suspects are falsely told that they do not have the right to an attorney or the right to remain silent.

Administrators use the UW attorneys as a financial threat since poorly paid faculty can not even afford legal costs.

Where is the AAUP?

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