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RUSH: Not my fault.

Rush Limbaugh insists it’s not his fault that ad revenue has dropped at his flagship WABC radio station — and if his boss keeps saying it is, Rush just may pack up his megadittoes and leave. In New York, that would very likely take him to WOR, which would create the biggest shakeup in city [&hel[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: When Buddha and the Moms walked together

Five years ago, Tibetan monks and Cambridge mothers walked side by side through Central Square  to celebrate motherhood and Buddha’s birthday. Siddartha Gautama himself was, sadly a mysoginist who saw maternal love as attachment, the root of all suffering. Read more: Mothers honored with Budd[...]

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Pope Francis  is supporting a signature-gathering drive in many Italian churches to push for a European initiative to “guarantee legal protection for embryos, protecting every human being from the first instant of existence.” Odd choice if he really wants to get a focus on reforming the[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: God says: let the feathers speak

Let Me respond to one who doubts My word: According to Ken Ham, “As Christians, we need to have a mental security system where an alarm goes off when aspects of this anti-God religion are presented. Here’s what should happen when you hear or read the following:” “Millions of years”[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Damning ALL religions equally, including atheism.

Islam and Christianity must renovate religion: Atheists have to stop trashing it One religion …….. is widely understood for its moral benefits. Buddhism – which, by its nature is a much less proselytising faith than the Abrahamic religions – stresses disengagement from worldly affair[...]

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