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BREAKING NEWS: Shit Rises to the Top in South Carolina

*SANFORD [R] 54% COLBERT [D] 45%  [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Jews Responsible for Hungary’s Economic Woes!

Anti-Semitism ‘on the rise’ across Europe Hungary’s prime minister has told an international assembly of Jews that anti-Semitism was on the rise both in Europe and Hungary, attributing it partly to the economic crisis affecting the region. Readmore[...]

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As Windows RT doubts mount, Microsoft exec claims ‘bright future’ for OS

Can Microsoft figure out how to market Windows RT? I am skeptical.  While the critics focus on facts .. the lack of a developing app market, MS puny $100 “incentive” to app developeers, decisions by hardware makers not to make ARM based machines … I am more impressed by Microsoft&[...]

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The Magic of Polaroid

May 7, 1909 Edwin H. Land, Date of birth[...]