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 “Fox isn’t tearing down your bridges,” Cavuto said. “Graft is. Greed is. No accountability for the spending is. You sleeping at the switch is.” But Cavuto said Fox was responsible for some things. “You didn’t call it throwing good money after bad,” h[...]

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UPCOMING EVENT: Stephen Meyer Shows Why Darwin Was Wrong

For those not in the know, Steve Meyers  is Seattle’s Discovery Institute’s leader in the effort to show that Darwin and Bio9logy are wrong.  Dr. Meyers,  with a PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge, is a  founder  the Institute’s Center for Science & Cultur[...]

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Breaking News: Three More Detained in Boston Bombings

U.S. Detains 3 in Connection With Boston Bombings By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE 12 minutes ago Law enforcement officials on Wednesday offered no information about the three additional people taken into custody in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings last month.[...]

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The Republicans are preparing to declare war … not on Syria or Iran, but on Science,

Republicans Challenge Peer Review Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee Lamar Smith (R-Texas)(Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) The Scientific American reports that Lamar Smith and his Republican colleagues on the House committee that oversees the NSF have authored The High Qualit[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Steps to peace in Israel?

Jerusalem – Israeli Chief Negotiator Welcomes Arab Peace Plan Yesterday 11:33 AM Jerusalem – Israel’s chief peace negotiator on Tuesday welcomed the Arab League’s decision to sweeten a decade-old initiative offering comprehensive… Read More »[...]