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A suspect has been identified in the Boston Marathon bombing, an unidentified law enforcement source tells CNN. The station reported that officials believe a video from a department store and a TV station helped identify the suspect. It’s yet unclear whether a suspect has been located and appr[...]

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I have written a lot on THE-Ave.US and n this listserv about Andrew Aprikyan.  Andrew is a scientist who was accused of fraud by an anonymous UW faculty member. The case was muddied because of patent issues involving the UW and, I assume, his accuser.  The UW conducted its investigation in a manne[...]

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Protect yourself .. BUY A GUN

Imagine how much safer the Boston Marathon would have been if the people around the bombs were all armed! Breaking News: Senate votes 54-46 in favor of expanded background checks measure, failing to reach 60-vote threshold Texas Senator Offers ‘National Conceal-Carry Reciprocity Legislation[...]