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A proposal, made at a conference in Dubai with backing from the Arab nations as well as Russia and China would censor the web. “The conference has been hijacked by a group of countries that want to extend regulation of the internet,” said one person familiar with the US position. “This is comp[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Morsi cancels decree

Al-Jazeera reports Selim al-Awa, an Islamist politician acting on Morsi’s behalf, announced Morsi’s executive decree has been cancelled at a news conference sometime around midnight local time. “The constitutional decree is annulled from this moment,” al-Awa said. The move c[...]

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Rover’s is closing

Great Sadness. Thierry Rautureau, nicknamed The Chef In The Hat, is the chef/owner of Rover’s and Luc Restaurants in Seattle, Washington. Rautureau was born in the Muscadet region of France, apprenticed in Anjou, France, and at twenty moved to the United States to work at several fine restaura[...]