DAVEY JONES: The Republican Cadet Gets Fleeced in Egypt

As I expected we exited the Suez around 5PM Sunday night (the 25th) so now we are in the Red Sea and as always in the Suez all manner of salesmen set up shop on the ships fantail, the cadet (the Republican) paid 110$US for some statues, and was then upset to learn that he could have purchased them for half that (at least) he didn’t understand that the price quoted is not the price you pay, that you need to haggle.
The Suez is an interesting canal, it’s very narrow so ships pass through single file, and fairly close together.
How are things in Seattle? Any interesting news? What do you folks at the Alehouse find to discuss now that the election is over

A lot of what we talk about is what will happen to the remnant of the Republican Party here in WA state.  No one knows where they will turn now that they seem permanently excluded from “high” office I WA state.

Another sad topic is the fate f talk radio … 1090 is being absorbed into the great maw of sports talk radio.

Last week I got into a fight with one of the (Jewish) regulars who dumped a lot on Israel .. claiming that Netanyahu had cost Israel its claim to having a moral stance.  To my pleasure, Goldy took my side.

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