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ELECTION 2012: What the bumps mean

A look back at the 2008 convention bumps by kos Before the Democratic convention, Aug. 25-28, 2008: After the Democratic convention, on Sept. 2: That was a 4.7-point bounce, decent but not spectacular. Then came the Republican National Convention, from Sept. 1-4: That was a pretty good bump, a 9.3-[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: A Cure for Malaria?

University of Cape Town Researchers Believe They Have Found a Single Dose Cure for Malaria read more at National Geographic.[...]

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The AVE Challenge: What is this?

a. recent image of “Loch Ness Monster” b. summer solstice on Mars at North Pole c. sea weed off of La Push, WA d. Buddhist temple painting, Thailand e. “cold fire” at Burning Man, 2011[...]

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Doctors Without Borders

The Magic Sandwich Show’ yearly fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders will take the form of a 24 hour live show streamed video on blogtv. broadcast on BlogTV  the 8th-9th of September. The full schedule is online, but you should tune in for some interesting and entertaining discussion anytime. [...]