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Juche Philosophy Popular in Bangladesh!

Kim Jong Il’s Work Off Press in Bangladesh Pyongyang, February 18, 2011 (KCNA) — General Secretary Kim Jong Il’s work “The Juche Philosophy Is an Original Revolutionary Philosophy” was brought out in booklet by the Bangladesh Institute of the Juche Idea. The work, publi[...]

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Is Paul Allen an American?


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS:eBay to ban sales of spells, hexes, magic services

  from Crave: Sorry, Harry Potter fans, you’re going to have to double double toil and trouble somewhere else besides eBay. The online auction giant has just issued category changes and updatesfor the fall. Spells and potions are on the dump list. Discontinued categories include Tarot rea[...]

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Election 2012: trading profundities


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ROMNEYISMS: Mitt’s new toy!

MUZZLING MR. RYAN   Romney’s Running Mate Directed To Avoid Real Issues, Stress ‘Love Of The Outdoors’  [...]

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Sunday Revelations: Origins of Life, Quranic Version

Islamic embryology: overblown balderdash November 2011 PZ Myers The IERA, that group of Mohammed apologists who claim repeatedly that the Quran is full of amazing scientific truths that prove the truth of its magical claims, has long been promoting video recordings of Western scientists recruited fo[...]