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Life Begins at Conception … a US senate proposal to control floods.

Rand Paul Just Wants To Add a ‘Life Begins at Conception’ Plank To This Flood Insurance Bill, What’s the Problem? … in WONKETTE by Jim Newell The Senate is trying to pass a flood insurance bill, and all Rand Paul wants to do is improve the quality of flood insurance that Americans nation[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Nora Ephron has died.

Breaking News8:13 PM ET Nora Ephron, Filmmaker and Writer, Dies at 71. NY Times READMORE at the Huff Post  [...]

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UW Senate Writes on the Crisis at Virginia

to fac_vote ——- A great university is coming apart at the seams because of the miscalculations of trustees who have failed to understand the ecology of trust, transparency, and consultation that universities require. Here is the text of the statement: Shared governance ensures that the v[...]

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DARCY BURNER continues to fire at the wrong targets.

 I got this email today from Darcy. While I share her concerns, I am not at all convinced that her stand is the best way to move voters in the new 1st District.          Someone needs to tell Darcy that her goal is to beat John Koster.      My concerns are in blue italics.[...]

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Are Asian Americans the New Jews?

Asian Americans may face ‘Jewish-like envy and resentment’ following rise in economic status   Washington, June 26 : With a growing number Asian Americans becoming the highest-paid, best-educated and fastest-growing racial group in the United States, it is now being feared that envy and res[...]

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from Efffound

from EFFFOUND[...]

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Has Romney Chosen a VEEP?

Has anyone ever wondered whether as the boomers age, there may not be a market for a middle aged Ken doll? The Republican ticket could be the start .. think of Romney as GI Joe and Portman as Ken![...]