The Dilemna of Global Warming

There is no debate.  Global warming is real and man made CO2 is a big problem.  As Lonnie Thompson, a climatologist at Ohio State University,says “Scientists are inherently skeptical,””After enough evidence and observation, though, you have to start to accept findings. That is what happened with climate change. This wasn’t a rash conclusion.” The only questions are how bad will we be hurt and when, not whether man made CO2 is a major problem.

Why then don’t we scientists march on the Republican headquarters ?

There are two reasons.  First,  we are not all experts in climate.  What we share are methods and confidence in how our insistence on debate means we can trust our colleagues when they tell something very important.

Second, even expert scientists are easily intimidated by politicians.  Inside Climate News  asks. “If climate scientists are convinced that the Earth is warming faster than expected, then why aren’t more speaking out?”  Sadly the article points out that we scientists are not all heroes.  Brutal attacks on scientists who speak out mean that questions that should be raised about the climate can not be out of fear that any questions will be misused by the Republicans.   “Researchers find it hard to raise significant questions even within the climate science community for fear that it will be exploited by the skeptics,” says Sarewitz, the science and society professor from Arizona State University.


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  1. klem #

    Oooh those Republican scum, how dare they disagree with Democrat scientists. If only Republians would just agree, then they could get in line with the rest of us and the planet would be saved. We’d build lots of wind turbines, solar panels, we could all become carbon traders, we’d stop all carbon emissions and the UN could finally be our ultimate overlords. On that day we’ll all hold hands and sing Kum-bya.


  2. theaveeditor #

    Of course … and those damn democrats scientists also want you to do other things like use vaccines and lower your cholesterol and stop smoking.

    So tell me, if you do not learn your facts f4rom dem scientistds then do you learn from republicans who speak for God?

  3. klem #

    Yup, God sings Kum-bya too you know.