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China: Romney in Praise of the Corporate State

“I got the chance after I lost to John McCain last time, to go over to — that was the good part of losing — I got to go to the Olympic Games in China. It’s pretty impressive over there how quickly they can build things, how productive they are as a society. You should [&helli[...]

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Celebrating the Girl Scouts!

Stephen, Eat a cookie — tomorrow we’re celebrating the 100th birthday of the Girl Scouts! When my daughter Amelia was growing up, I was a Brownie leader. On Tuesday afternoons, I had a dozen little girls show up at our house to work on earning their badges. When the girls were about eigh[...]

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Sunday Revelations: Advocate Christ To Offer Free Visitor Parkiing

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Will Detroit Get Shut Out Of China’s Electric Vehicle Market?

Xconomy: Is China Afraid to Compete? Thomas Lee 7/11/11 China has been a Godsend to Detroit. Even as Ford Motor, General Motors, and Chrysler have stumbled in recent years, the country has provided a nice boost to sales of American cars equipped with traditional internal combustible engines. But whe[...]

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Last Roll for Blue Angels?

Could Blue Angels fall to federal budget ax? Last summer Kyung M. Song of the Seattle Times speculated that the debt deal might force the Blue Angels out of Seattle’s sky.    excerpts Seattle Times Washington bureau  Play video now The Navy has requested $38.7 million for the Blue Angels f[...]

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Sunday Revelations: The Great Nose Job Scandal in Egypt

“…[A]s though visited with a heavenly inspiration, he resolved to go directly to an advertisement office, and to advertise the loss of his nose.” Gogol, The Nose. (Foreign Policy, Egypt) Anwar El Balkimy, a Member of Parliament for the Nour Party, underwent a nose job on Feb. 29 in[...]