Berkeley Blog: Capitalism in a Social Democracy

This article about the Finish economy came to my attention after a lecture at TownHall.  Jeff Sachs showed frightening data … the US has fallen to the bottom of the industrial, developed democracies in growth rates and, especially, in terms of upward mobility.  Sachs’ argument comes down to a colossal failure of Reagonomics. Social democracies  … Sweden, Canada, Germany, France …. simply manage their resources better than we do as a “pure”capitalist society.  All the Republicans have achieved is to transfer capital from America’s middle class to a class of very wealthy people who do not invest their money in ways that make America grow.
Steve Blank, lecturer, Haas School of Business | 10/7/11

I speSteve Blanknt the month of September lecturing, and interacting with (literally) thousands of entrepreneurs in two emerging startup markets, Finland and Russia. This is the first of two posts about Finland and entrepreneurship.

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