BREAKING NEWS: Aprikyan Case

UPDATE: Andrew Aprikyan’s fight with the UW will continue.

As we have reported extensively on The AVE, Andrew has repeatedly asserted that he is innocent.  He states that “is work has  been corroborated by investigators elsewhere ans arose because of a disgruntled collaborator here ta UW. 

Andrew’s innocence is important, but even mor important has been the gross neglect of due process at the UW.  Andrew writes this better than I can:

“(My) case resulted from repeated violations and disrespectful ignorance of the University of Washington (UW) Faculty Code and the due process by the UW administration and was orchestrated at UW by attorneys Vice-Provost Cheryl Cameron, Michael Keller of UCIRO, Bill Nicholson of the UW AG’s office and supported by former Provost Phyllis Wise and later by former President Mark Emmert.

Imagine any citizen off campus treated in the same way. 

An officer of the state comes to you and informs you that you are under investigation.  You are never informed of your Miranda rights.  There is no “jury of your peers.” 

Instead of Miranda and due process,  an attorney working for the UW functions as the police and as the state appointed prosecutor.  This attorney claims to be independent of  the faculty code and not subject to the regulations of the Washington State Bar.

This UW attorney appoints and chairs a panel that conducts the investigation.  When you protest, the UW goes to the Attorney General.  Mr. McKenna  does not review the merits of your case.  His policy is to ALWAYS take the part of the administration.  He is willing to use unlimited amounts of tax money to prosecute you.

When an expert  faculty committee, appointed by the Senate, chaired by an independent outside attorney to assure fairness,  following the Code, says that due process was not followed, the President of the UW dismisses the faculty finding as “arbitrary and capricious.”  Andrew Aprikyan writes:

“Just think about this – it took 7 long years to go through the process that is envisioned by the Faculty Code to take only about 4 months and it is still not over yet! All I did is believed (perhaps foolishly) in the system,justice, and the due process warranted by the UW Faculty Code and Regulations.”

Andrew hired a private attorney to protest this abuse of his rights.  Attorney General McKenna hired a private firm to represent the UW.  The tax paye-paid lawyers seem to be winning.  The case was dismissed in District Court, not on its merits, but on a technical issue … Aprikyan, they say, should have sued the UW rather than naming President Emmert and Provost Wise in his action.  The Superior Court upheld this decision.

The key issue, that is the right of a citizen to due process seems to be on no importance to the UW or to our Attorney General.

Andrew continues, spending his own money against OUR tax money.  This is very, very wrong.

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  1. JP #

    He should have done this in the first place – sue everyone, Emmert and the UW and everybody involved. he was not served wellby his lawyer.