BREAKING NEWS: Amazon’s Apple sauce arrives!


UPDATE: I highly recommend Paul Constant’s comments on how the Apple Sauce will affect book stores. I agree with him that they will change.  I especially doubt the viability of Barnes and Noble.  On the other hand, the Kindle does leave a huge opening in its model for used book stores.  There is, at least so far, no market for used e- books. Nor is there any software … yet .. comparable to the experience of browsing the shelves at a real ohysical store. 


The Ave has already speculated that Amazon’s new Kindle, the “Fire” is a huge blow against Apple. Today, very much in Steve Jobs’ style, Jeff Bezos unveiled the the Fire. At $199, Apple is in very deep trouble. Worse than the price, Amazon has made a bet on the Fire not as a stand alone PC devicce but as something tightly integrated with Amazons marketing and online services. Readmore from our earlier stories.

from Bloomberg: Jeff Bezos is channeling Steve Jobs. It’s mid-September and the wiry billionaire founder of Inc. (AMZN) is at his brand new corporate headquarters in Seattle, in a building named “Day One South” after his conviction that 17-year-old Amazon is still in its infancy.

Almost giddy with excitement, Bezos retrieves one by one the new crop of dirt-cheap Kindle e-readers — they start at $79 — from a hidden perch on a chair tucked into a conference room table. When he’s done showing them off, he stands up, and, for an audience of a single journalist, announces, “Now, I’ve got one more thing to show you.” He waits a half-beat to make sure the reference to Jobs’ famous line from Apple Inc. (AAPL) presentations hasn’t been missed, then gives his notorious barking laugh.

With that, Bezos pulls out the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s long- anticipated tablet computer — and the first credible response to the Apple iPad, Bloomberg Businessweek reports in its Oct. 3 edition.


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At $199 this thing is going to sell!