Seattle Scene: Rooting for the Two Mcs .. McG and McD.

Over at Horsesass, Carl brags that McDermott and McGinn, our Congressman and mayor and two of Carl’s favorites,m are doing great things cuz te city is going to spend 10 million bucks remodeling an old building in pioneer square.  GREAT NEWS!


I am impressed!  McD (I guess) gets credit for Seattle getting $3,000,000 of bacon to renovate a building in the iD and McG gets credit for the city’s $7,000,000 contribution.

Gee, golly wiz.

Gosh, I will bet you there is more such good news.,  I understand that McD gets credit for the FAA contributions to SEATAC!  And McGinn  is responsible for the nive police officer who only gave me a warning when he thought he saw me TWD (texting while driving).

Thank you, thank you to McD and McG.

Oh, while we are at it ..

do ya think the two of them might get together and find some dollars t pay for the surface transit we now need to replace the viaduct?  I wonder whether this just might have anything to do with the President’s proposal to spend $$ on infrastructure?

or maybe McD might spend a minute or two thinking abut the NIH .. yu know the fed agency that funds the UW?  I am certain that the SIX empty director chairs there are a huge concern to Jim, maybe as big a concern as why we need to fund a three year med school in Rick Perryland?

Gad, am I glad you pointed out the good work these guys do!


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