Celebrating the 4th!

As signatures filled the canvas, it was raised toward the ceiling and unrolled to make room for more of them.

In 2007 the family-friendly Seattle Center House was host to The Backbone Campaign’s celebration “March Forth!” commemorating the day in 1789 that our Constitution became law. In typically dramatic fashion, they unrolled a giant hand-painted Constitution, inviting folks to sign it and affirm their belief in the document.

My signature and that of Citizen Artiste is circled. Slightly below that, you see that someone unfortunately couldn't resist writing an antiwar message on the document, which isn't the point. A man asked me, "What are we signing? An antiwar thing?" I said, "No, it means we honor the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and want to preserve it." The man grabbed his children and stormed off . I didn't notice the antiwar message till I viewed the photos.

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